Overview of one gallery that features a glass meat chandelier, a room covered with pink graffiti, and more artwork in cases.

New Glass Now

May 12, 2019 – January 5, 2020
Contemporary Art + Design Galleries

New Glass Now gives voice to a new generation of artists and designers who are harnessing the possibilities of glass to respond to our complex contemporary moment. Though just the tip of the iceberg, these 100 pieces are an introduction to the incredible diversity of contemporary glassmaking and thinking. From technically masterful vessels to experiments in the chemistry of glass, these works challenge the very notion of what the material of glass is and what it can do. This is the present tense of contemporary glass. This is New Glass Now.

In 2018, the Museum launched an open call for submissions to artists and designers from around the world, asking for works made in the last three years. Anyone working in glass could apply, and all—from the novice hobbyist to the most famous artists—were given equal consideration. Over 1,400 individuals and companies submitted nearly 4,000 images. To choose the works in New Glass Now, the Museum asked a panel to review the submissions and select 100 artworks representative of the diverse approaches to glassworking today. This exhibition is the result of their varied perspectives and experiences.

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Beth Lipman
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Susanne Jøker Johnsen
Head of Exhibitions
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Schools of Architecture, Design, and Conservation
Copenhagen, Denmark

Aric Chen
M+, Hong Kong SAR, China

Susie J. Silbert
Curator of Modern and Contemporary Glass
The Corning Museum of Glass

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New Glass Now | Context 

May 12, 2019 – June 1, 2020
Rakow Research Library

New Glass is not new.

New Glass is 60 years of The Corning Museum of Glass bringing contemporary glass to new audiences. New Glass is 40 years of an annual, internationally distributed glass journal. New Glass is three groundbreaking exhibitions in 1959, 1979, and 2019. New Glass has shaped and continues to shape the glass landscape, charting its topography and advancing the field by bringing global glass into one place at one time, year after year.

Uniting the various forms New Glass has taken is a democratic curatorial model made up of an open, international call for submissions, responses from artists around the world, and the transparent selections of a panel of diverse thought leaders in art, craft, and design. The glass that is selected is representative of the concerns of its time as well as the individual aesthetics and perspectives of the selectors.

At its core, New Glass is about the power of seeing to initiate change and growth. The exhibitions Glass 1959 and New Glass: A Worldwide Survey (PDF) (1979), alongside New Glass Review (1979-2019) have built the world of contemporary glass. New Glass Now (2019) reflects on the past and forges ahead, giving the glass of today an opportunity to be seen with the hope that, like its precedents, it will grow.

Glass 1959 exhibition

1,814 object submissions
86 glass firms
34 individual artists
23 countries

Glass 1959  (PDF) was the first major international exhibition of contemporary glass in the world. The exhibition reflected an era that valued design and factory-produced objects for the home, but it also demonstrated the beginning of sculptural expression in the material.

New Glass: A Worldwide Survey (1979) exhibition

6,000 slide submissions
20 glass firms
176 individual artists
28 countries

New Glass: A Worldwide Survey (1979) (PDF) was based on the same model as Glass 1959 but showed radically different work. By 1979, the idea of glass as an artist’s material had taken hold, and nearly all of the pieces were made by individual artists working directly with the material.

New Glass Review

Building on the momentum of New Glass: A Worldwide Survey, presented in 1979, the Museum launched the journal New Glass Review that same year. Curated by a panel of selectors from an open call for submissions, New Glass Review, just like the New Glass exhibitions, has provided a snapshot of international glass works annually for 40 years. New Glass Now celebrates the 40th anniversary of New Glass Review and is itself an exhibition in print form.